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Caver Urban Australia


Puebla, México



Bamboo Architecture Company, in collaboration with Cave Urban Australia, constructs a magnificent piece called "Bagre." It combines two different methods of bamboo construction.

The structure draws inspiration from construction systems often used in Colombia and Central America. This method involves screwing and walling the bamboo into two frames, creating a solid and stable foundation that can be used as a framework for weaving.

The woven canopy of the structure utilizes a technique often employed by Taiwanese artist Wang Wen Chih. This unique construction method allows a bamboo skin to become a strong structural component of the design. During construction, it was able to support the weight of four adults on its apex. The random weaving pattern of the bamboo strips creates beautiful shifting shadows throughout the day.

The multiple levels of bamboo floors provide an environment for occupants to sit and interact. The large circular opening at the end of the piece frames the space and draws attention to the view beyond.

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