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Centro Cultural Ecológico Imagina


Centro Cultura Ecológico Imgina


Túlum, Quintana Roo, México





The Centro Imagina project by Bamboo Architecture Company emerged from the demand to cover the central courtyard of the Cultural and Ecological Imagina Center, with the purpose of hosting various cultural events, music concerts, meetings, and exhibitions.

The proposal involved creating a vaulted structure with eight main post-tensioned bamboo arches and a triangular ceiling to stiffen the structure. The arches, measuring 16 meters in length, were arranged in a triangular formation, composed of six culms each, and joined helically at their overlaps with a polymer cover at the end. Each arch was positioned at 4-meter intervals, covering a perimeter of 16 meters in width by 30 meters in length, in collaboration with TIBÁrquitectos.

Undoubtedly, it is a magnificent architectural masterpiece that not only meets the client's requirements but also provides an ecological aspect that marvels the eyes.

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