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Utopía Libertad

Project Management


Iztapalapa, México

Industrias Sola Basic



The Utopías of Iztapalapa share common characteristics but also have unique features.

UTOPÍA Libertad is characterized as an alternative and environmentally friendly project, where part of its construction will be carried out using natural, ecological, and recycled materials such as PET, bamboo, and adobe produced in the Iztapalapa municipality.

With this Utopía, the environment of thousands of residents in the surrounding neighborhoods of the Reclusorio Oriente will be transformed. For this purpose, a buffer area of 30,000 square meters surrounding the correctional facility has been allocated to create this multidisciplinary complex. The complex will offer sporting, ecological, cultural, and recreational alternatives to the inhabitants of an area that currently lacks public spaces for healthy social interaction.

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