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Caver Urban Australia


Puebla, México



Coco is an architectural masterpiece created by Bamboo Architecture Company in collaboration with Cave Urban Australia. The structure was designed to explore the relationship between bamboo and earth architecture.

The interplay of opposites in form and materials creates a space that is both hidden and revealing. The bamboo frame wraps around itself, leading the inhabitant into a space that is illuminated from an ovoid source. The bamboo tiles that cover the structure resemble bird feathers or perhaps evoke a memory of Quetzalcoatl.

They serve to enclose the space while allowing light to filter through the gaps between each tile. The base of the space is surrounded by bahareque, which provides a contrast to the lightweight bamboo. The curved earth wall provides a sense of coolness and solidity in an otherwise temporary structure. The curve of the wall also provides a place to sit, inviting visitors to linger and enjoy the seclusion of this space.

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